MODX Articles can't add TAGS

MODX Articles didn't allow me to add Tags anymore. Error 500 memory exception.

Simple MODX Social Feed integration

Simple Social Feed integration for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, based on bootstrap.

Visiting Janas Family

A short video with some impressions of our Trip to Serbia and Croatia

FATAL ERROR: MODX Setup cannot continue.

FATAL ERROR: MODX Setup cannot continue.
Make sure your PHP session configuration is valid and working.

Super Artike über Biel/Bienne

Artikel von Mikael Krogerus im DAS MAGAZIN vom 24.10.2015

MODX processing elements explained

I tried to visualise how the different MODX elements correspond with each both.

Der Bieler und der Bözinger Zoll

Als die Bieler um das Recht kämpften Zoll zu erheben und sich gegen die Vorgaben des Kantons Bern wehrten.

Love this Japanese Doctor!

Eat and drink what you like. Speaking English is apparently what kills you.

Where to go in Bangkok

Some useful links when traveling to Bangkok

MODX - Workshop

You will install MODX from scratch, and learn how to use its different elements to build a fully featured web solution including: closed user groups and a customizable product manager, including online shop & basket, which you can, in the future, extend and re-use in just two days.

MODx Tree on Custom Manager Page

Again what sounds simple sometimes, takes your day.
Tried to get some data via MODX processor and bind it to a ExtJS tree.

MODX phpThumbOf no thumb images in IE

Just had some strange problems with MODX phpThumbOf not showing generated thumbnails
(right; only with Internet Explorer).

FormItLog - my first official MODX extra

Feels good, more will follow!

Das Buero

Viele Erinnerungen

Run MODX, WordPress and Redmine on NGINX EC2 micro AIM

I'm using amazon web services now for a while and was wondering, if it's really necessary to host my sites on a Small Instance So I came across NGINX web server which is famous for it's performance and low resource usage. So here how to run, MODX, WordPress and Redmine with NGINX on a amzn-ami-2011.09.2.i386-ebs (ami-b4b0cae6) micro AIM instance.

Hiip Hop - Lao

Ja lieben oder hassen, ich fids einfach super!

MODX FormLog hook to store formIt data in a jSon

Hook to store FormIt data to jSon

Neuer Blog

Da ich zum Glueck endlich ein wenig Traffic auf meinem BLOG habe, hab ich mich entschlossen private Inhalte von technischen zu trennen. Wenn Du also wissen willst, was ich so mache und wie es so geht, bist du hier genau richtig, werde auch versuchen etwas oefters zu schreiben. Solltest du Interesse an eher Technischen Informationen haben findest du dies unter…

MODX SuperBoxSelect For Dummies

Add one of these sexy multi select boxes to custom MODX manager.

IE9 jQuery Radio checked issue

I just spend 4 hours to read a simple radio selection via jQuery in IE9 from the following form.