It’s probably the most revolting time in the history of the WWW and what was a playground for geeks and other freaks has made its way to all of us, as even simple stuff like tab whater, electricity and TV don’t work without it.

So who actually owns the internet, who’s to say what’s good or wrong and how does the fact, that almost every human being on this planet can be reached in seconds change our thinking of democracy?

The publication of #WikiLeaks is probably only the top of the iceberg and opens more questions then it gives answers. One thing is clear, democracy and freedom of speech has its rules and its up to us to fight and define them.

Sadly to see, that #OperationPayback is based on the same old patterns. What’s the point of taking down mastercard and paypal? Its simple to break something and will never success unless you build it better afterwards. To all you wana be hackers why don’t you cancel your master/visa card, boycott eBay and PayPal don’t drive a gas driven car etc…? Oh right that’s not as convenient as just clicking on a .exe and go on with life as usual.

Having said so I’m interested in starting a project #CloudOfThePeople (let me know if you have a better name) which basically should connect all home computers together to host web sites like #WikiLeaks runs applications like Twitter and FB fully under control of each one of us.

Let me know if there is development going on in this direction or your interested in exchanging ideas and technical brainstorming @sofasurfer_ch.

“we won’t have a society if we destroy the environment” Margaret Mead

WikiLeaks – Mass Mirroring our website

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