MODX SuperBoxSelect For Dummies

Add one of these sexy multi select boxes to custom MODX manager.

IE9 jQuery Radio checked issue

I just spend 4 hours to read a simple radio selection via jQuery in IE9 from the following form.

Search Engine Sphider - web crawler

I was looking for a easy and simple way to crawl multiple web-sites and build a search catalog.

WP .htaccess file hacked by

Just got my site hacked, here a guide on how to solve this.

UBUNTU EC2: Add new admin user

Complete guide how to add a new user and pem.key to amazon ec2 linux server.

There is no in between

As a dyslectic person i always struggle with grammar and spelling. Back in school (Swiss German) i could not figure out if there should be(e)?; a v or a f, an extra h in "ka(h)m"; and on and on and on... The positioning of letters did not match on paper the way i had them in my mind. Lucky me, one day spell check was invented and i finally can write letters (still not perfect) but at least…

Dynamic google map markers via jSon

Simple example on how to add dynamic marker to google maps including geo location lookup and store them in a jSon file.

PHP Simple Comments Read/Write jSon data to text file

A few days ago i had to build a simple comment form. First i thought about MYSQL etc, but this all seems to be too complicated. So i came up with a simple solution based on jSon and a TXT file.